Polish National Chamber of Legal Advisers Partners with Foundation Sunflowers to Support Justice in Ukraine

We are proud to announce that the Polish National Chamber of Legal Advisers (KIRP) is an official Partner of the Foundation Sunflowers.
KIRP is a nationwide professional self-government of legal advisers:
– as a community of all legal advisers, it acts for the benefit of individual and all citizens, realising the principle of social justice concerning access to legal aid,
– enhances respect for legalism by public authorities,
– upholds that public authorities act on the basis and within the law. 
For these reasons, KIRP acts in the public interest and for its protection. 
Foundation Sunflowers, which implements Project Sunflowers, supports international and national justice authorities in the prosecution and adjudication of the gravest crimes committed in Ukraine and endeavours to ensure that the damage caused during the ongoing war there is repaired. The Foundation works for the benefit of the international community.  
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