Partnership with Omnis Foundation

In partnership with Omnis Foundation, we are implementing Project Sunflowers, that mission is, among others, to raise awareness of the youth, their parents and legal representatives, of their rights as victims of the war.

Omnis is a nonprofit organization dedicated to restoring communities in crisis by establishing health and education programs based on social responsibility. Omnis’ goal is to provide the resources necessary to achieve sustainable growth. Omnis believes that the best way to realize one’s potential is to create an environment that fosters progress.

Omnis began their work in Ukraine in 2014 in response to the immediate humanitarian needs of families and children affected by the unrest in Eastern Ukraine. Today, that conflict unfolded into a humanitarian catastrophe and put millions of civilians at risk. Omnis established partnerships and initiatives play a critical role in providing emergency medical aid and empowering doctors with resources to treat wounded and those in need of critical medical care.

Educating future generations is a part of their long-term initiatives. As they say, knowledge is power. Omnis ongoing initiatives give underprivileged children and young adults access to better education through direct sponsorship or education resources that open them up to reach their full potential.

Omnis works with the global community to develop and implement programs that help the people of Ukraine address current challenges. Omnis strives to equip individuals with the necessary tools and skills to prepare them to overcome present challenges and shift the trajectory of their life toward a brighter future.

To join Project Sunflowers, please complete the form at: 
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If you would like to share information about evidence of international crimes committed in Ukraine and/or about victims of the war, please, check how to do that here: