Dr Anna Adamska-Gallant

Founder; Member of the Foundation Sunflowers Council
A Polish lawyer with vast professional experience in international criminal law. She served as a judge for 17 years, including almost 6 years in international judiciary in Kosovo, where she heard war crime cases and crimes against humanity in the first instance and in the capacity of the Supreme Court justice. She graduated in law from the University of Gdansk, completed postgraduate studies in Intellectual Property Law at the Jagiellonian University, and European Law at the University of Cambridge. She was awarded PhD in law cum laude from the University of Wroclaw for her dissertation on “The Vulnerable Witnesses in Practice of International and Hybrid Courts”. Since 2018 Anna Adamska-Gallant has been involved in strengthening the rule of law in Ukraine working as a key international expert on the judiciary of Pravo Justice, the biggest EU project supporting the judicial reform in the country. She was appointed by President Zelyensky as an international member of the Council of Experts on Judicial Reform in Ukraine. In 2019, she joined Polish Bar. She specializes in the criminal law, international humanitarian law and human rights. She is proficient in English and Ukrainian. She also speaks French, Serbian and Russian.